Professor. Choi Jae-Young

Sungkyunkwan University, School of Advanced Materials Science&Engineering

2066 Seobu-ro, Jangan-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, 440-746, KOREA

Engineering Building 2, #25137

Tel: +82-31-290-7353/Fax: +82-31-290-7410


From the academic point of view, Prof. Jae Young Choi pioneered the large-area synthesis of graphene by CVD. His first report on the CVD synthesis of graphene(Nature 457,706(2009)) has recorded the world highest citations in chemistry and the world 13th highest citations in entire fields among the papers published in 2009. His first report was highlighted in many scientific media such as MIT Technology Review, Science Museum, and also general media such as BBC World Service and New York Times. In his report, he developed a chemical vapor deposition(CVD)method to produce large-area graphene and demonstrated that the resulting graphenes have excellent electrical characteristics and are unaffected by bending or streching,showing the possibility of future flexible elelctronics such as "smart"clothing or foldable displays.



After his first report, he have consistently studied graphene-based applications. Some examples of the results are a graphene-based semiconducting device(Nature, 479, 338(2011))and a graphene-based gas separation membrane(Science 342 91(2013)).Besides the graphene-based application, he also developed the process technology in order to apply the large-area graphene to device structures.As a result,he was honorably invited to publish his commentary paper in Nature Nanotechnology(Nature Nanotechnology 8 311 (2013)).Recnetly, he enlarged his research area to graphene-like new material, 2 dimensional(2D)materials such as BN,MoS2 etc and also 1 dimensional materials such as silver nanowire. One of his researches was published in Nature Communication 3 1011(2012).In his report, he firstly demonstrated that MoS2 can be applied to low-power transistor in electronic devices.  


- KAIST: PhD degree in Electronic science&engineering(1998)

                Thesis Topic: Synthesis of perovskite oxide powders under hydrothermal conditions

                Advisor: Prof. Do Kyung Kim

- KAIST: MS degree in Inorganic materials (1994)          

                Thesis Topic: Synthesis of monosized spherical SiC, Si3N4, and SiC/Si3N4 composite powders from gel powders                                              derived from sol-gel process

                Advisor: Prof. Do Kyung Kim

POSTECH: BS degree in materials science&engineering(1992)

Professional Experience

- 02/2015 ~ present : Associate Professor

                                     School of Materials Science and Engineering, SKKU, Suwon, KOREA

- 01/2011 ~ 02/2015 : Vice President

                                     SAIT, Suwon, KOREA

- 01/2011 ~ 08/2013 : Director of Graphene Center

                                     SAIT, Suwon, KOREA

- 05/2008 ~ 12/2010 : Director of Multi-Functional Device Group

                                     SAIT, Suwon, KOREA

- 01/2002 ~ 05/2008 : Project Manager

                                     SAIT, Suwon, KOREA

- 10/1999 ~ 10/2001 : Principal Researcher

                                     SAIT, Suwon, KOREA

- 10/1998 ~ 09/1999 : Postdoctoral Researcher

                                     AMES lab, Iowa, US

Honor and Awards

Special Details in Career(Technology transfer, Mass production etc.)

- Technology transfer to Samsung Corning (2012) : graphene supercapacitor

     Graphene-based nano electrode structure was developed to overcome the limit of energy density of conventional supercapacitor and                      transferred to Samsung Corning


- Establishment of Samsung Graphene Center(2011)

     Samsung graphene center was established to find the opportunity of graphene-based new business creation in Samsung. He built the                    development strategy of graphene materials and device applications with Samsung branch companies(SAIT, Samsung Electronics, Samsung          SDI, Sansung Techwin, and Samsung Corning) and established Samsung Graphene Center to have a role of director


- Technology transfer to Samsung LCD(2010) : CNT-based transparent electrode

     CNT-based transparent electrode was developed to replace expensive ITO material. CNT dispersion and doping technology was developed to          improve sheet resistance of CNT electrode for an application of LCD touch panel. CNT electrode was applied to pixel electrode of LCD and                  demonstrated on 25'' LCD touch panel with Samsung LCD. His role was project manager


- Technology transfer to Samsung SDI(2008) : of phosphor idspersion system 

     Dispersion of phosphor particle slurry and control of its rheological behavior for slurry injection process was developed for the PDP fabrication      process. The resulting dispersion system was applied to mass production line of PDP, SDI. His role was project manager


- Technology transfer to Samsung Electronics (2006) : selectively emitting keypad of nmobile phone

     New keypad system of mobile phone was developed where buttons of the keypad emit at selective position with different service mode. For the    development, phosphor material emitting at blue light LED was chosen and dispersed with selective light absorption materials to make a film to      be used for selectively emitting keypad. The resulting technology was demonstrated in Galaxy mobile phone and transferred to Samsung                  Electroics. His role was project manager.


- Technology transfer to Samsung Electromechanics (2005) dispersion design methodology

     He developed diagnosis methodology of dispersion elements (particle, dispersant, binder, and solvent) and design method of optimal dispersion    system from the each dispersion element. This dispersion design technology was transferred for the basic methodology for the development of      MLCC of Samsung Electromechanics. His role was project manager.


- Technology transfer to Samsung Electromechanics (2004) : nickel nano particle mass-production

     After successful development of nickel nano particle inlab scale, scale-up development of nickel nano particle synthesis and coating technology    was conducted and demonstrated in apilot production facility of Samsung Electromechanics. His role was project manager.


- Technology transfer to Samsung Electromechanics (2002) : nickel nano particle coating technology

     Nickel nanoparticle for the electrode of MLCC needed the ceramic coating on the particle for the shrinkage matching between electrode (nickel)    and dielectric (barium titanate) layers during sintering process. Large-scale solution coating technology of barium titanate as well as graphite on    nickel particle was developed and transferred to Samsung Electromechanics. His role was project manager.


- Technology transfer to Samsung SDI (2000) : dispersion technology in Li ion battery

     Stable dispersion of electrode materials in Li ion abttery was needed to produce uniform and dense electrode layer for the high energy density      of the battery. Pilot-scale dispersion techonlogy of electrode material wasdeveloped and transferred to Samsung SDI.


Invited Talks

Sungkyunkwan University, School of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering

| Cheoncheon-dong, Jangan-gu, Suwon, Gyonggi-do, 440-746, KOREA 

Tel: +82-31-290-7353 /Fax: +82-31-290-7410

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